Sinkovic Brothers CRO M2x training with RP3 Rowing

12 April 2023

The famous Croatian Sinkovic Brothers - Valent & Martin - started their international rowing carees in 2004 (Valent) & 2006 (Martin) to become first World Champion in Quadruple in 2009 (Poznan), U23 and World Champion in 2010 (Karapiro), Silver in London 2012 and World Champion in Chengju (2013).

They were superior in the Mens Double Sculls from 2014 - 2016, winning World, European Championships and at Olympic games. In 2017 they switched to Coxless Pair until in 2022 they switched back to the double.

About 10 years in the highest level of international Rowing and spend many hours on RP3 to become the best!

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