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Designed with a purpose

The origin of RP3 lies in the story of Marjolein, the daughter of Cas Rekers who invented dynamic rowing in the 1980s. Read more about this on the history page.

It was in the mid-eighties that Cas Rekers’ daughter Marjolein started to suffer from lower back pain, because of using the static indoor rowing machine, which was getting quite popular in that time.

Designed with a purpose

Prevent injuries

Rowing is a unique sport that can be practiced up to a very high age. Despite the fact that a large part (85%) of the muscles are used and at the same time it is also a cardio training, the load on the body is low and therefore insensitive to injury.

Of course rowing can also be performed very intensively. Top athletes in top-level competition are known for being able to deal with the extreme resistance of the body, very high lactic acid levels and extreme suffering in the boat.

Training for rowing performance, at any level, is therefore ideally suited for people who want to get healthy and fit, stay healthy, want to improve or minimize the physical consequences of aging for as long as possible.

As with anything, it is good to start at a young age, but rowing can be learned later in life. The chance of reaching the top is lower, but certainly not impossible.

It is important to train the movement with no or the lowest risk of injury. This applies to all athletes, of all ages and at every level. It is best to focus all energy and attention, training and practice on improving and achieving one's own goal.

It is a waste of time and effort to train less efficiently (other movements than intended) and in a way that increases the risk of injury.

RP3 is designed to prevent and remedy injuries while optimally learning, training and improving the rowing movement for the boat. Why else would you do it?!

Prevent injuries Prevent injuries Prevent injuries

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Stop Erging, start Rowing!

Stop Erging, start Rowing!

It is not without reason that most rowers are increasingly opting for RP3. Not only at the top level, but more and more masters rowers train also starting to use RP3.

Especially when you get older it is important to train well and to be careful on the body. At the same time, more and more people are discovering rowing as the ideal sport. If you want to learn how to row later in life, do it right the first time!

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What do the experts say?

'Never been fitter or more excited to get on the water!'

Maureen McGuire

- Maureen McGuire


'The biomechanics is better than on other ergometers and more detailed information is available to improve the technical performance and coordination.'

Thomas Poulsen

- Thomas Poulsen

- Olympic rower