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Technique is everything

Carlos Dinares is working with RP3 for more then 10 years. As an experienced rower himself (Spanish Champion), coach of many high performance crews and highly involved with RP3 Rowing during the development of the company and proposition, he really knows how to use RP3 best.

Carlos is using these ten words when he coaches a single or crew to get better. RP3 really simulates rowing so closely, every rower will know directly!

Do you recognize the ten words below?

Technique is everything

Technique: use these ten words to get better!

RP3 has got "The True Rowing Experience" as the motto. The indoor rowing machines are designed to simulate rowing best. Everyone who has ever done a training session on RP3 recognizes this and will wholeheartedly agree.

The machines are technically designed and built in such a way that actual technical exercises can be performed, allowing athletes to work on their technique on land for better performance in the boat.

Learn from Carlos, learn from the best, experience it yourself, or share your RP3 experience with other rowers and coaches. Do you recognize these ten words?

  1. Accelaration
  2. Change of Direction
  3. Timing
  4. Connection
  5. Organisation of movement
  6. Suspension
  7. Speed on slide
  8. Ratio and rhythm
  9. Rest and relaxation
  10. Dynamic

Train - and feel - these ten words on RP3. Click on the blog below to see the video from Carlos explaining.

Use the RP3 Portal and learn about your workout, analyse your strokes and see how you can improve your rowing!

Technique: use these ten words to get better! Technique: use these ten words to get better! Technique: use these ten words to get better!

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Do you recognize these words?

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What do the experts say?

'With the RP3 data we have more detailed information and accurate perception of the movements and how to improve the technique and coordination on individual and team level.'

Thomas Poulsen

- Thomas Poulsen

- Olympic rower

'The biomechanics is better than on other ergometers and more detailed information is available to improve the technical performance and coordination.'

Thomas Poulsen

- Thomas Poulsen

- Olympic rower