RP3 Aqua

The first dynamic indoor rower with water resistance by RP3 Rowing


Designed for the At-Home User

The first Dynamic Rower with water resistance


Experience the RP3 Dynamic Movement

Full body workout without injuries and unique feel


Immersive Full Size Monitor with EXR Software

Have the best Visual Experience in Virtual Rowing!

For everyone who wants to benefit from dynamic rowing and the feel of water on land!

RP3 Aqua

RP3 is known by rowers all over the world. Everybody who has experienced the dynamic feeling of rowing directly recognizes the benefits of RP3.

RP3 Rowing introduces it latest model: The RP3 Aqua! Specially designed for anyone who wants row to get in shape and have fun at home. Rowing is a full body workout and Dynamic indoorrowing prevents injuries and helps you develop and learn the best technique!

Now also available with a water resistance option for home users.

RP3 Aqua is designed for the at-home users


Strong matte grey extrusion


Suitable for Dynamic Rowing

Rear leg

Integrated with the watertank


Aluminium anodized


21" Android Tablet, that can swivel up/down and sideways


RP3 Rowing App & Portal and one year EXR Virtual Rowing


For your every day rowing workout. Up right storage with footprint 60*90 & 180 cm height


Get fit & healthy with the dynamic rowing movement

RP3 Aqua RP3 Aqua

RP3 Aqua virtual rowing

Together with EXR we are offering the option for a Pre-Order of the RP3 Aqua now!

Pre-Order now and receive your RP3 Aqua near the end of 2024!

Pre-order the RP3 Aqua in the webshop

Get strong, fit and improve your Rowing while having fun and connecting with others using EXR!

RP3 Aqua

Be the first to get your hands on the RP3 Aqua!

RP3 Aqua

Pre Order option

The RP3 Aqua will be available near the end of 2024.

You can pre-order now in the Webshop and ensure that you will receive one of the first RP3 Aqua machines!

Pre Order in the RP3 Webshop

Use the detailed rowing data for valuable insights and (self)coaching

RP3 Portal Analysis Included

'The biomechanics is better than on other ergometers and more detailed information is available to improve the technical performance and coordination.'

Thomas Poulsen

- Thomas Poulsen

- Olympic rower

'The advanced data analyses enable us to continuously make improvement on our rowing performance. '

Niche Lee Parker

- Niche Lee Parker

- Head coach, lightweight rowing at Columbia University