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The True Rowing Experience

We are mentioning it several times here on our website and our other channels. The RP3 Rowing Mission is: True Rowing Experience

Providing the best rowing machine, the closest to the real rowing experience, easy transition from on-water towards on-land training and vice versa. To improve yourself the best way with real time data based interaction, analysis functionality for personal tips & points of improvement, crew functions, group or team training solutions.


The True Rowing Experience

Vision, mission & ambition

Our vision is to establish a healthy, data based and self-coaching training for any desired rowing performance on any level!

Rowing is a wonderful sport! Being on the water has a beneficial effect for many people. Enjoying nature, the weather conditions, cold or warm, wind or quiet, waves or flat as mirror, alone or with your sports buddies. It should be clear that we love rowing!

Rowing is also a special sport. When rowing you use a large number of your muscles (85%) and at the same time have a very low susceptibility to injuries. It is one of the few sports that can be practiced until very old age.

It is a technical movement in a complex physical set up, in which the relative lightweight boat moves and at the same time a heavier mass (of the rowers) moves back and forth in opposite directions at a joint speed. The interplay of forces of the drive with blade in the water, the bending, force on the oar and rigger and connection with the footplate.

Our mission is to give the sporters a true rowing experience, which is healthy and fits in a lifetime way of exercising.

RP3 Rowing is providing an indoor rower that simulates the real boat experience: this is the reason almost all top crews in the world, and more and more serious rowers on all levels and ages, did chose to become RP3 customer.

We are very proud to be able to provide this True Rowing Experience!

By receiving direct feedback while rowing, rowers can improve their own movement and see which adjustment in the stroke has an effect on the result. The muscle strength of the rower, combined with the most effective rowing motion (including the mass movement), affects boat speed.

With the frequent repetition of the correct optimized movement, within the rowers physical limits, the muscle memory and parasympathetic nervous system are trained. In this way, even with increasing fatigue, the desired movement can still be made and the available force and power can be applied. Direct feedback is usually not present in the boat. Although modern technical possibilities offer more and more applications for it.

During the race it is hardly possible to adjust the ingrained movement, the fatigue and acidification amplify the effect.

In addition, indoor rowing is also beneficial as training for other sports performances, precisely because rowing is a one of the best physically effective movements.

Our ambition is to become your digital coach as well on the RP3 indoors as in the boat on the water!

With direct data-based feedback during training, in the broadest sense, both during land training workout on RP3 and in the boat, the rower and his crewmates get the best experience and the greatest result in rowing. The chance of achieving the result is greatly enlarged: get the True Rowing Experience!

Vision, mission & ambition Vision, mission & ambition Vision, mission & ambition

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