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Next level rowing performance. RP3 provides you with the tools to get to your full potential.

The world is evolving at an astonishing pace. Data is everywhere. It is time we start using rowing data to our advantage. Our rowing simulator and software is the most precise and accurate ever, designed to push your rowing performance to a higher level every day.

01 Realistic simulator

World class
most realistic
rowing simulator

Rowing is about details and creating ultimate balance in coordination, speed and biomechanics.

The starting point is a rowing simulator that must be dynamic, smart and precise. During the last 30 years we have been innovating continuously, resulting in the ultimate rowing simulator.

Together with rowing pioneers, top coaches and top athletes we have created the most realistic rowing simulator, which makes the RP3 The True Rowing Experience.

02 Train your technique

The ultimate
training tool

Our simulator feels the closest to rowing to a boat.

The RP3 therefore enables you to maximise your technical efficiency as it encourages correct body movement and flow through the stroke. Our machine gives live, direct feedback to enable you improve your body movements and balance. The focus in your training is the force curve.

03 Precise analysis

and precise
data analysis

Our training platform generates accurate and precise insights.

These insights enable you to train effectively to reach your potential. Our data overview focuses your training to optimise your technical performance through improving specific movements.


What do
the experts

Never been fitter or more excited to get on the water!

— Maureen McGuire

With the RP3 data we have more detailed information and accurate perception of the movements and how to improve the technique and coordination on individual and team level.

— Thomas Poulsen - Olympic rower