RP3 Rowing: 5 Drills To Improve Your Power Curve

12 April 2023

So you are using RP3 for a (short) while now and you become familiar with it. How can you improve your Power Curve?

% do you have a dip or bump in your curve, somewhere?

% are you rowing (too) short? (below 120cm)

% are you not connected, no smooth line?

% are you shooting the slides?

% having difficulty with the finish, a hollow line at the end?

Do you want to draw a better shape of your curve? A simple and smooth curve from the front to the end?

Here are 5 drills you can use to improve your curve and improve your stroke to take with you in the boat and become a better skilled rower.

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How it Works: Comparing power and split values on the RP3 Monitor software

At RP3 the flywheel has been the constant between all our machines for decades. While rowing we continuously measure the angular velocity of the flywheel during both the drive and recovery phases.

During the recovery, while the flywheel is slowing down, we can calculate the amount of drag the flywheel experiences originating from all external sources such as air resistance, but also from, for example, wear of the bearings. Combining this with known physical constants we can deduct how much effort is required to overcome this drag.

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Coaching: Ten words to use when improve your rowing

Carlos Dinares always uses ten words to help rowers to improve and get better.

Do you recognize these words?

Training on RP3 gives the opportunity to get the (almost) exact feeling of rowing on water and getting better and faster in the boat. Use the RP3 Rowing simulator to have this great experience!

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Mahe Drysdale NZL Olympic Champion M1x on RP3

Mahe Drysdale, NZL – double Olympic Champion in Single Sculls, spend many hours on RP3 to become the best.

posted by Carlos Dinares on 19 okt. 2015

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Our Model T - model 23

The RP3 Model T is perfect for learning. This model is used in RP3 Studio’s and often used by non-rowers who get to know the rowing movement very fast. At some rowing clubs the Model T is used for the novices to get them up to regatta-ready quite fast.

The mechanics of the RP3 Model T are working for the best rowers in the world to train the connection relaxation at the catch, to become even better and attain more speed on the water!

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