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RP3 Rowing Academy

The sport of rowing is evolving rapidly. Dynamic rowing and the use of data are playing significant role in this evolution. International crews and renowned rowers are taking the next step in elite rowing. At the same time the quality of the sport is increasing at every level.

Better rowing is fun rowing!

RP3 Rowing is dedicated to helping every rower take this step, with an innovative mission and objective.

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RP3 Academy

RP3 Academy Projects

We at RP3 Rowing are constantly conducting studies and research into the science behind dynamic rowing and training with the goal of translating our findings into benefits for you!

Are current projects include:

The study of an athlete’s and crew’s learning curve when training on static compared to dynamic indoor rowers at the T.S.R. Vidar in Tilburg, NL.

In this study we compare the growth of multiple crews training with RP3 or conventional indoor rowers as well as coach reports and technique study through RowerUp. By doing so we can find the differences between dynamic and static training and find how to best use our tools to help you improve!


The Amsterdam Institute of Sport Science Study of the difference between static and dynamic rowing at higher levels of intensity.

This research project examines differences between rowing on a static and a dynamic indoor rower. With the aim to investigate whether stroke rate affects rowing on these different ergometers. This understanding is crucial for coaches and rowers who aim to improve technically on the indoor rower. The technical and physical differences will be examined while performing 750m tests at rates 24, 32 and 40+.


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Better Rowing is Fun Rowing!

RP3 Academy

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RP3 Academy

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We at RP3 Rowing are constantly trying to learn more about the sport of rowing and how we can help all our users get the best out of their training.

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