RP3 Academy – Whitepapers

At RP3 Rowing we are constantly trying to learn more about the sport of rowing and how we can help all our users, rowers and coaches, get the best out of their training.

Do you want to get up to speed on what we have discovered? Download one of our Whitepapers here to read the latest theory on dynamic rowing and training and take the rowing sport to the next level!

Download one of the whitepapers here:

--> RP3 Rowing - Whitepaper: "Improve the Force Curve" - version 1.3 (June 2023)
--> RP3 Rowing - Whitepaper: "Power Calculation Static vs. Dynamic rowing" - version 1 (Febr. 2024)
--> RP3 Rowing - Whitepaper: "Coaching with RP3 Reports" - version 0.1 [under construction] (June 2024)

We are working closely together with research projects at Universities.

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