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At RP3 Rowing, we believe in the power of collaboration, just like in the best crews on the water! That’s why we partner with leading brands across the industry to enhance the experience for our users. By combining our unique dynamic indoor rower and digital products like the RP3 app and portal with other innovative rowing solutions and expertise from our partners, we ensure that you can get the most out of every aspect of your rowing.  These partnerships enable us to deliver the latest in (self) coaching technology as well as advanced (and fun!) training methodologies to our users. Let’s take the next step in rowing, one partnership at a time!

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EXR Game

Row together in EXR’s 3D worlds: Explore famous rowing spots with rowers from all over the world. No matter your age, experience or fitness level, it’s always fun to row together! Upgrade your RP3 Rowing experience with games, challenges and achievements to boost your motivation. Row the extra mile and crush your fitness goals. EXR is also an interconnected indoor rowing app. Synchronize EXR with the RP3 Rowing app and portal and get top tier analysis of your training!

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Check out ErgZone for the best training programming and data logging in the world of indoor rowing. Train together and coach wherever you are and have fun with new and original challenges and workouts everyday!

Together with the ErgZone and RP3 Rowing Apps as well as the RP3 portal used on the RP3 Dynamic, every rower can have the best (self) coaching tools at their fingertips!

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