Setting up your RP3 Rowing machine

12 April 2023

In this video, Jillian O'Mara gives instructions for balancing the RP3 Model T (2019 version) to get it horizontally set up. The newest RP3 model T have an adjustment button for crossbar leverage at the top of the rear leg.

The RP3 model S ("Silver" & "Black" versions) have a screw adjustment at the top of the rear leg.

Jillian is Manager Healthy Future at Amsterdam UMC (University Medical Center) and Level 2 Rowing Coach from Brittish Rowing. Jillian has been working at RowStudio Amsterdam as Group Fitness Trainer, while she was student at Amsterdam University. RowStudio Amsterdam is one of the first Boutique Fitness organisations working intensively with RP3 Rowing.

In the second part of the video she gives guidance about the resistance level and setting.

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