Training with RP3 – monitor your workout

13 May 2024

Training with RP3 – monitor your workout

We recommend to use your smartphone or tablet when using the RP3 rower. Getting direct feedback with the ForceCurve and the numbers while rowing the RP3 provides a proven way to improve yourself. Download the RP3 Rowing app and connect to the machine.

With the Android versions of the app, you can use a USB cable for connection. You also can use the Bluetooth connection to connect (iOS and Andriod). Please be aware to use a charged powerbank to support BT. For more information about connecting your device, look at this page.

When logged in with your RP3 account, the Andriod app also provides an "On Water" function. You can register your on water boat trainings and get basic feedback (split, distance and time).

You are also able to upload a .TCX file from other recording devices like sportwatches to get your rowing data completed in the RP3 overview.

New RP3 reporting functionality in the portal will provide relations between on water and on RP3 sessions for (self) coaching purposes. See more on the Advanced Portal page