Download the RP3 app

8 May 2024

Download the RP3 app

It can be that your device already has a little screen attached which provides basic data which is fine for a small workout. However, by attaching a smart device, the RP3 rowers can provide tons of data while to provide feedback during rowing. It will even automatically send your data to the portal for further analysis. Additionally, you can even race your friends (or rivals) all over the world.

RP3 Rowing app

Our primary app, which provides most functionality, is the RP3 Rowing app. You can download it at the play store for Android or at the app store for Apple. Both the RP3 Model T and the model S can be connected to the smart device using bluetooth. Using a cable, for optimal stability and performance, is only supported by Android devices at the moment.

RP3 Racing

You can download our RP3 Racing app for android devices over at the play store. You will also need a device with a web browser to manage the races over at the following webapp. After installing the app, register a mail address at the webapp to acquire a code. In the RP3 racing app, enter the code to access the race lobby. There, the administrator can setup the race and you're ready to go!