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Info: The Secrets of RP3

What makes RP3 the perfect rowing simulator?

What are the technical ‘secrets’ of RP3?

Learn about the patented technology and choices that made the success of RP3 Rowing.

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Coaching: Ten words to use when improve your rowing

Carlos Dinares always uses ten words to help rowers to improve and get better.

Do you recognize these words?

Training on RP3 gives the opportunity to get the (almost) exact feeling of rowing on water and getting better and faster in the boat. Use the RP3 Rowing simulator to have this great experience!

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How it Works: Comparing power and split values on the RP3 Monitor software

At RP3 the flywheel has been the constant between all our machines for decades. While rowing we continuously measure the angular velocity of the flywheel during both the drive and recovery phases.

During the recovery, while the flywheel is slowing down, we can calculate the amount of drag the flywheel experiences originating from all external sources such as air resistance, but also from, for example, wear of the bearings. Combining this with known physical constants we can deduct how much effort is required to overcome this drag.

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News: Cooperation towards Paris24 with World Champion Single Skiff Olli Zeidler

The decisive factor for its new partner RP3 is above all its dynamic system. As a result, the RP3 ergometers are very close to the rowing movement that is carried out in the boat.

Transmitting his power output and his abilities to an ergometer, which simulates water work as well as the RP3, offers Oliver Zeidler new possibilities in terms of training. specificity and effectiveness.



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Dutch news: Talentontwikkeling in Nederland met RP3

KNRB – Dutch Rowing Federation and official supplier RP3 Rowing are working together since 2019. Read – in Dutch – how it works until today concerning Talent Development.

We have an English translation available, please let us know if you want us to send one to you!

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User Experience: Wobble Seat

Dutch Bronze medalist about the Wobble Seat

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Interview: Rob Baker – Cambridge University Boat Club – The Boatrace 2023

Men’s Chief Coach, Cambridge University Boat Club – Rob Baker, on how RP3 is used to win the “Oxford & Cambridge Boatrace”.

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Promotion: Train on land, Win on Water!

Train On Land, Win on Water – Summer 2023 Promotion

During the European Championships 2023 in Bled, the Dutch team was first in the medals ranking. The Mens 4- took Silver home.

RP3 Rowing offers every rower the opportunity to train like the best.

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User Experience: difference between the two Model-S’s

A user test: a Dutch Master in Amsterdam tested the older Model S Steel and a new Model S Black

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