RP3 Studio

RP3 Studio: available for clubs and Fitness organisations


Group Training Solution

Indoor Rowing is a full body workout, one of the most effective ways to train.


See and compare

Shared session on the big screen: see eachother and get feedback


Crew functions

Compare your curve and numbers with your team and improve the crew dynamics

Next Level Rowing

The True Rowing Experience available for anyone

Everyone knows indoor rowing. Indoor rowing is becoming part of the training program in more and more other sports. Every rower knows the effect: you become fitter and stronger. But it’s not always fun!

Many former rowers swear they will never sit on it again. The ergometer has the nickname: wheel of torture.

Now it has changed!

RP3 Rowing provides the RP3 Studio solution.

Learn the fun and benefit of Dynamic Rowing: you not only get fit and stronger, you also become better!

Not just as an individual in a group, but really train together with a shared workout and feedback on the big screen. Connect from 4 to 40+ Model T machines in the group session.

Get crew functionality with Curve comparison, tips and advice for synchronisation. Team functions like challenges, rankings, schedules and organisation. Virtually on the most famous rowing course in the world. Using RP3 e-Training and e-Racing for team mates at home or not able to join at the location.

Start the journey to get better as person and as part of your crew!

RP3 Studio provides unique team and crew workout possibilties


Model T


Wobble seat optional for extra core stability training

Rear leg

Absorbs the movement energy to reduce negative body impact


Double rail provide robustness


Shared group workout and instructions


RP3 Studio software provides group and coach functions in a virtual environment, including the most famous tracks in the World!


Part of any training schedule


Train indivudually in your team, improve as a crew

RP3 Studio RP3 Studio

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RP3 Studio

How does it work?

Quote from our customers and users

'I enjoy using RP3, it made winter training bearable due to similar feel to on the water training and, what is more important, safer in terms of back injuries.'

Ozren Tošić

- Ozren Tošić

- Public health docter

'Since I switched to RP3 my technique improved, my crew climbed in the ranking and I became a better time trail cyclist! '


- Stephan

- Dutch Cat. E Master Rower