Advanced RP3 Portal

8 May 2024

Advanced RP3 Portal

Next to the basic Portal functionality mentioned in this knowledge base, there are some extra Advanced functions. The Advanced RP3 Portal functionalities are subscription based.

These extra functions and features are:

Advanced features and functions are an extention on the basic RP3 Portal Functions.

There are three advanced extentions:

  1. Selection of parts / segments of workouts to see averages and do comparisons over these selected segments.

    The Advanced Stroke Analyzer provides percentages of the ideal stroke that could have been made. Also with averages. In - and cross workout reports are available for comparing, progression and other analysis.
  2. Crew functions are also new in the basic version of the portal. You can plan and schedule crew workouts and do the planning.

    The Advanced functionality provides Crew Workout reports, results and analysis.
  3. The On Water function of the App (Andriod) is extended with heart rate and stroke rate to provide an on board monitor for rowing.

    In the portal the on water sessions (also imported) are automatically analysed and segmented for easy readable overviews.