News: Cooperation towards Paris24 with World Champion Single Skiff Olli Zeidler

10 July 2023

News: Cooperation towards Paris24 with World Champion Single Skiff Olli Zeidler

"I will continue to work hard over the next year - both on and off the water and my new partner RP3 will support me on the way to Paris. Let's see what damage I can do in their leaderboard!" laughs Oliver Zeidler. In addition to his successes in the boat, he is also a multiple world champion in indoor rowing and holds one of the fastest times ever set: 5:37.3min on an ergometer.

The decisive factor for its new partner RP3 is above all its dynamic system. As a result, the RP3 ergometers are very close to the rowing movement that is carried out in the boat. Transmitting his power output and his abilities to an ergometer, which simulates water work as well as the RP3, offers Oliver Zeidler new possibilities in terms of training. specificity and effectiveness.

However, with its dynamic system, RP3 also offers another aspect that is important to it: prevention.

The dynamics result in biomechanical advantages. Because the suit - "catching water" in the boat - can be performed more calmly, there are no jerky "shocks" in the back area.

Also read the news on the website of Olli Zeidler

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