Interview: introducing the new South Korean RP3 Dealer – Duhwan Shin

13 June 2023

Interview: introducing the new South Korean RP3 Dealer – Duhwan Shin

With a serie of blog interviews, we want to introduce our RP3 Dealers and Partners. We start with our newest: Duhwan Shin from South Korea.

1. Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Duhwan Shin from South Korea. And I am happy to be a partner with RP3. Perhaps, I think that the below answers would be my introduction.

2. How long have you been a RP3 Rowing Partner?

I became a partner starting from May 2023.

3. Why did you choose to become partner?

I was deeply impressed by RP3, when I saw it first time. But there are few RP3 in Korea. I wanted to help rowers want to improve their performance with RP3. That's why I became a partner in Korea.

4. How did you learn about RP3 Rowing?

When I have participated in world rowing event as a staff of Korean National Rowing Team, I have seen a lot of top tier rowers train with RP3 at the regatta venue.

5. What is your relation with rowing (in your country / region / international)?

My rowing career was started from Korean Rowing Association. I have worked for KRA more than 10 years with full time. I have learned a lot of things such as knowledge of rowing, social relation, friendship, etc. from rowing family of Korea. For this reason, I would like to thank rowing family of Korea.

6. Do you row yourself? What is your own experience with RP3 Rowing?

Unfortunately I did not have an experience with RP3, because there is few RP3 in Korea yet. But my first RP3 is coming on July so I will try to do exercise.

7. What is your goal with RP3?

As I've mentioned, there is few RP3 in Korea. So my goal is to spread RP3 in Korea. I would like to make rowers feel true rowing experience on an indoor rowing machine. And through this, I hope (I am sure) that rowers can improve their performance.

8. How can your customers contact you best?

If customer is a coach or rower in Korea, most of them would know me well. And I am always at the regatta venue in Korea. I will do my best for customer's satisfaction.

9. What is the first thing you want to tell or show to your customers?

I would like to show true rowing experience on an indoor. Specially, winter season of Korea is quite cold so it is impossible to train on the water. RP3 would be the best choice to train in winter season of Korea.

10. Anything else to add?

I hope that RP3 and me develope with our best efforts!

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