All RP3 Portal features explained

8 May 2024

All RP3 Portal features explained

Good rowing is the harmonious blend of power or applying force, technique and endurance, resulting in a fluid, efficient and effective stroke. It is not merely about strength, but about the perfect coordination of the movement and the seamless integration of the rowers together moving in the boat with a mimimum of loosing speed and waisting energy. A rower’s posture, grip and stroke sequence must align perfectly to maximize the boat’s speed and maintain its balance.

In essence, good rowing is characterized by:

  1. Consistency and Rhythm: Each stroke should mirror the previous one, creating a consistent and rhythmic motion that propels the boat smoothly through the water.
  2. Technical Precision: This involves the correct use of legs, back, and arms in a sequential manner, ensuring the blade enters and exits the water cleanly.
  3. Physical Fitness: Rowing demands cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, and mental resilience, making it one of the most comprehensive full-body workouts.
  4. Team Coordination: In crew rowing, synchronization with teammates is crucial. Every rower must be in sync to achieve the collective goal of speed and efficiency.

At RP3 Rowing, we understand the intricacies of good rowing. Our mission is to provide equipment & tools that not only meets, but exceeds the demands of rowers. With our innovative dynamic rowing machines and software tools (Apps, Portal & Studio), we help athletes refine their technique, enhance their performance, and achieve excellence on the water; for everyone on all levels!

The RP3 Portal provides the information from every workout, registered with the RP3 App used as the monitor during the workout to exactly do what you need to do as a rower. The Portal gives overview and insights to the four items mentioned.

Consistency and Rhythm

Every rowing stroke should be as consistent as can be, with the minimum disturbance from external factors. Any change could result in delay, loss of speed or limit the ablilty to put in optimal effort. With RP3 App as your monitor, you can see every stroke compared with the last stroke or compare the strokes performed with a target (reference) stroke. In this way consistency can be optimized to the max and the rowers learns how to react or what to do when fatiqueness kicks in.

The RP3 Portal provides the "Stroke Analyzer" to look back, see every stroke and how it is being done during the session. By flowing through the workout with the slider, you can actually see the level of consistency of the workout.

See all strokes of the workout using the slider for consistency and changes during the training.

The "drive time <> recover time" ratio is an indicator for the rhythm of your rowing. You also can notice changes related to your performance.

The rhythm of rowing is perfectly practised on the RP3 because of the similarity of the bio dynamic movement. Values for stroke & recovery time are visible (interactive) and to be analysed via the Portal.

Technical Precision

The Force Curve shape on RP3 and Portal 'betrays' the exact movement sequence of every single rower. Connecting and disconnect are immediately visible and portal analysis can result in training accents for improvements.

Catch and release slip can be trained by paying attention to stroke length (RP3 Value) and where it is (unconsciously) adjusted during a particular exercise.

Physical fitness

Like any rowing machine, indoor rowing is a perfect training option to gain or retain personal fitness. The RP3 values and analysis for workouts with time / distance / split / power / energy as a factor are easy to be used as training indicators.

RP3 Portal (Advanced) provides reporting functions for:

  • In - workout comparison, trends and overviews
  • Cross - workout comparison, trends and overviews
  • Crew - workout overviews
  • Crew - comparison

Team Coordination

RP3 Rowing offers the mechanical option to connect the rowing machines together (from 2 - 8). Crew rowers can feel the synchronicity and accompanying feeling of the rowing.

The RP3 Portal (Advanced / Premium) provides crew overlay Force Curve overview to be used in this mentioned connection system setting.