Change the way you row. Get closer to reality with the true rowing experience of RP3.

Change the way you row

Get closer to reality with the True rowing experience of RP3

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Since 1988, we have been pioneers with one mission: creating the true rowing experience on land. We are a Dutch brand, creating high quality rowing simulators for pros and enthusiasts alike.

Developing easy-to-use software to support you to achieve your goals, has always been a significant part of our journey. Get faster on the water, become a healthier person and challenge yourself to reach your full potential.

Model T

Get the latest RP3 experience.

The Model T is our most accessible rower ever. Get the true rowing experience on land, use it as your go-to machine to keep yourself in shape.

This Rowing Simulator is ideal to switch to from any static rowing machine. Stay in shape and spare your lower back with the Model T.

Model S

The Original.

The RP3 was the first dynamic rowing machine in the world which simulates the rowing movement as it is in a boat. Olympic and elite rowers of all countries in the world are using it for their land based training.

Data visualization

every move

See your force curve in real-time, adjust your movements based on the graph in our iOS and Android app and become a better rower.

The RP3 platform provides the ultimate rowing experience. Our simulator connects with our RP3 app. The app tracks and generates performance stats, which challenge you to get the most out of your rowing. Learn from data, train online and compete in e-leagues.

See your hidden potential and areas for improvement in one clearly visible force curve. Improve your rowing performance every day with live feedback based on precise and accurate data.


What do
our clients

The Model T and its accompanying software is what made our Row Studio in Amsterdam possible. The best experience, reliability and fun. We love it.

— Benno van der Teuling, RowStudio Amsterdam.



The RP3 platform provides the ultimate training platform with advanced coaching tools.

Our training simulator provides the closest feeling and experience to real rowing. Combined with innovative monitoring and analytic software, RP3 ables you, as a coach, to effectively capitalize on the hidden potential of your team. Use data to your advantage and focus on the precise details to make the difference.