Side by side coaching. Remotely or in the gym. RP3 provides the tools you need as a coach.

Rowing is all about creating the ultimate balance and coordination of power and technique. The RP3 rowing simulator generates practical and visible insights on how to improve technical performance on individual and crew levels. Assumption and speculation belong to the past. RP3 simulation, training and data takes rowing coaching to a higher professional level: Smart, Evidence Based and Focused on specific detail to create tomorrow's champions.

01 Precise insights

and real time

The force curve is the key focus point in our training platform.

The force curve is the main indicator of how to optimize the force of your legs, arms and back during the drive.

The RP3 generates precise and accurate data which enables you to significantly improve the technical performance of your crew.

02 Biomechanical analysis

Next level

Proper coordination and sequencing of movement results in efficient, powerful and more balanced rowing.

We deliver biomechanical analyses and insights to make your team more efficient and smart. These analyses are the thinking behind the creation of RP3, to create an ergometer that positively enforces proper back posture and minimizes injuries.

03 Live feedback


Our training platform offers several tools to capitalize on the potential of individuals and teams.

A crucial feature is live feedback during training. As a coach you cannot constantly watch individual athletes. Our simulator is therefore designed to give direct feedback.

The athlete will be pushed to improve his or her performance without thinking. Training sessions can be evaluated easily, based on recorded data and development goals.


What do
the experts

The advanced data analyses enable us to continuously make improvement on our rowing performance.

— Niche Lee Parker - Head coach, lightweight rowing at Columbia University

The biomechanics is better than on other ergometers and more detailed information is available to improve the technical performance and coordination.

— Thomas Poulsen - Olympic rower