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Set up & installation

See some of the available YouTube video’s concerning “Set up & Installation”.

Setting up your RP3 Rowing machine

In this video, Jillian O’Mara gives instructions for balancing the RP3 Model T (2019 version) to get it horizontally set up and how to use the resistance level.

Recorded and posted: 6 july 2020 by Merijn Soeters

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Unboxing and Assembly of the RP3 Model S

Congratulations on your new RP3 Rowing machine. Watch this video to see how to unbox and assemble your new RP3 Model S. Waste no time in getting started with the true rowing experience.

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Unboxing and Assembly of the RP3 Model T

Congratulations on your new RP3 Rowing machine. Watch this video to see how to unbox and assemble your new RP3 Model T. Waste no time in getting started with the true rowing experience.

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Service & maintenance

It is best to clean the machine with a dry cloth after every training. The stainless steel model S and the bar could be cleaned regularly, for example once every 1 or 2 months (depending on the intensity of use), with a special detergent. The black RP3 models can also be wiped with a dry cloth.

Sometimes greater maintenance is required. Many of our large customers, with multiple machines and intensive use by multiple teams / rowers, carry out major maintenance at least once a year. This often keeps the RP3 Dynamic Rower in good condition. Our service partners do offer this on request.

Below are some instruction videos if the major maintenance is to be done by yourself.

Model S (pre 2023): Replacement of Pulley, Main Shaft and Chain

Carlos Dinares replaces the Pulley, Main Shaft and Chain from a RP3 Model S

Posted: 20 aug. 2021 by Carlos Dinares

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Rowing on RP3

More and more rowers and teams are using RP3 to prepare for their goal or just using it to get in shape and stay fit. It started with the national teams of the best rowing countries in the world in the mid eighties. Today many club rowers, juniors and masters are choosing RP3 as their preference.

You can find more YouTube video’s on our own RP3 Rowing Channel and Carlos Dinares with RP3 Rowing, or just search for “Search for RP3 Rowing“. Here we made a selection, take a look and see how it works.

Do like the best, choose RP3

World Champion W1x 2022 – Karolien Florijn trains on the river Amstel in Amsterdam preparing prolongation of her world championship 2023 (Belgrad) titel and for Paris2024.

In between her boat sessions she is using RP3 to even improve her stroke, by getting direct feedback on her force curve and optimize her power application. She how it works!

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Canadian Olympic Champion (2008) does a RP3 Model T Product Review

Ben Rutledge does a nice Product Review of a RP3 Model T (2018 version) posted on the 16th of April 2019.

The latest model T 2023 version has got some modifications.


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Rowing Connected with RP3

RP3 can easily be connected for training synchronicity within crews.

Side by Side connecting the flywheel and handlebar optionally.

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RP3 Rowing provides e-Racing solution

See the live coverage of the e-Race between Olli Zeidler and Sverri Nielsen in 2020.

Both meeting each other not only in the A-Final on the water in the Single Scull, but also virtually from their own location in Germany and Denmark.

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RP3 Rowing: 5 Drills To Improve Your Power Curve

Do you want to draw a better shape of your curve? A simple and smooth curve from the front to the end?

Here are 5 drills you can use to improve your curve and improve your stroke to take with you in the boat and become a better skilled rower.

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Coaching: Ten words to use when improve your rowing

Carlos Dinares always uses ten words to help rowers to improve and get better.

Do you recognize these words?

Training on RP3 gives the opportunity to get the (almost) exact feeling of rowing on water and getting better and faster in the boat. Use the RP3 Rowing simulator to have this great experience!

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Using the RP3 Monitor & Portal

See how to use the RP3 Monitor & Portal. Start a Quick Session, Create Training and do the analysis afterwards. Do, train, learn get feedback and improve yourself.

Select a “Quick Session” for a RP3 Workout

Connect your tablet or smartphone (iOS via Bluetooth) and start the RP3 app.

Do a Quick Session and just row!

More information about: RP3 App & RP3 Portal

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Use a second screen for coaching on RP3

One of the major benefits of coaching with RP3 is the posibilty for the coach to get close to the rower working on his stroke. With the second screen you can easy see the numbers from all angles.

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User uploads & references

Below you find a selection of YouTube post of people rowing RP3. Just take a look and see how and why they are part of the RP3 Community.

You can find more YouTube video’s on our own RP3 Rowing Channel and Carlos Dinares with RP3 Rowing, or just search for “Search for RP3 Rowing“. Here we made a selection, see who is posted their RP3 video’s.


Australian Coach Jesse Coyle shows how to row on RP3

Dynamic Indoor Rowing is the perfect way to improve yourself. Off course many (serious) rowers are more and more choosing RP3, but do you know other athletes are becomming familiar with RP3 as well?

Road bike cyclist benefit training on RP3 and become a better cyclist. Do you want to know more?

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Frans Göbel – World Champion LM1X 1989 & 1990

Dutchman Frans Göbel won two World Championship in a row: 1989 & 1990 in the Lightweight Single Sculls.

As a young doctor, working in the hospital, he didn’t had much time to train in the boat on the water. So he did over 85-90% of his preparation on RowPerfect machine.

In his 60’s now, Frans is still using RP3 every week. He prefers the RP3 Model T


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Clean sweep on RP3: Olli Zeidler vs. Johannes Luckas and friends

Clean Sweep!

Olliver Zeidler – current World Champion in the single scull –  was challenged by the group of Johannes Luckas.

He and his 5 German bodybuilder friends powered over 1.000 watts on average in 6 sprints of 200meters.

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Dutch Women Training on RP3, 2018

The entire Dutch womens squad train together on the RP3. Not only to perfect technique but also to synchronise their strokes as a team.

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Silver U23 LW1x – Dutch Obbe Tibben, 2018

A beautiful example of the rowing motion perfected on the RP3, shown by Dutch U23 Silver Medalist LW1x – Obbe Tibben

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Sinkovic Brothers CRO M2x training with RP3 Rowing

The Brothers Sinkovic – Valent & Martin – spend many hours on RP3 to become winners from 2004 until today.

Posted by YVDL Media on 19th of May 2017.


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Dutch Mens Olympic Rowing Team on their way to Tokyo 2020 (2021)

On their way to Tokio the Dutch men’s Olympic rowing team (8+ & 4x-) is training on the RP3 rowing machine, because this dynamic rowing machine is the closest thing to real rowing. Hear what they have to say about the RP3.

Posted on 5 jul 2021 by RP3 Rowing

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Mahe Drysdale NZL Olympic Champion M1x on RP3

Mahe Drysdale, NZL – double Olympic Champion in Single Sculls, spend many hours on RP3 to become the best.

posted by Carlos Dinares on 19 okt. 2015

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First RP3 Indoor Rowing Championships

See this video of the worlds first indoor championships on RP3, held in 2018 in Lübeck, Germany

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The road to Rio 2016, NED M8+

Watch and learn from the Dutch Mens team used the RP3 on the road to the Olympics in Rio 2016.

Recorded and posted: 27 jan. 2017 by KNRB

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Dutch U19 M1x Champion 2022 on RP3

Dutch Rowing club Willem III is famous for their U19 – Junior program. All the Junior athletes, male and female, use RP3 as the main part of their training program online.

Countless Dutch Internationals and medalist (at the lastest Olympic Games and World Championships) started their Rowing Career within the walls of Willem III.

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